22 June 2012 : 03:57 Zulu

I've downloaded AutoWikiBrowser. With this bot, I am now capable of mass moving pages from one category to another. The Category pages are all now nicely formatted with capital letters and no unnecessary spaces (exception: pages created by the wiki itself).

Also, yesterday I messed around with the theme. I think the background needs changing, but the blue and yellowish-brown colors are from the emblem and shouldn't be changed.

19 June 2012 : 03.23 Zulu

I have taken over the wiki. Muwahahahahha! Now I just need to go over all the categories and make sure the useless ones are deleted and all the others are categorized. Then I need to make sure all the images are categorized, then delete all the useless ones. Then I need to make sure all the pages are useful and categorized. Then I need to make sure all the pages are written. Then delve into the templates. Then start making a theme and writing in all the special info. Then start bringing people back. Then start making more pages.

...Why did I want to take over again?

16 June 2012 : 22.36 Zulu

I've put in a request to adopt the wikia. I really want to clean up some useless/redundant fat.

16 June 2012 : 03.09 Zulu

So, I've noticed this wikia is pretty well abandon. It's been nearly 2 months since there was a meaningful edit before me. I here-by proclaim my plans to take over this wikia. I shall start with all things related to alchemy, then THE WORLD! BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *cough*

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