• Spiel

    Waiting-for-OBT Spambox

    July 16, 2011 by Spiel

    Whooo~ getting around and making friends :D

    Yup, that online TCG is really fun :D

    Two doctor appointments tomorrow... I dread them :(

    Wanna stay at home and cuddle my dogs *whines* =A=

    Got unexpectedly involved with an online TCG.

    It's really fun :o

    My legs are feeling way better now :D

    First day back at school tomorrow!

    Oh the horror :(

    Too tired to do anything ~.~

    Soo~ just because I was all like "Eh? Bro didn't tell me he'd be gone. It's his turn to walk the dogs in the morning on school weeks. Mou!" My dad was all "'S your fault for getting those stupid things. I don't know why you keep them anyways. They demand all your time. You have to spend money on them and you get nothing in return. -.-"

    "So umm... like your children right? -.-"


    Really dad, i…

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