I spent some time today playing around with templates. With many of the current templates, you just have to plug in a few words and you get a nice little infobox.

Today I took a look at the tables that were on the Geneway page (you'll have to look in the edit history). I thought that the information table belongs on virtually every NPC page, so I made it into a templates(see Template:Infobox NPC ). That way, editors in the future don't have to bother copying and pasting or making tables themselves. Feel free to edit it though!

Lazy? Yes, but it makes things easy and simple if you ask me! 

Another thing I have been thinking about is making more categories and pages for items. I have been thinking about adding categories and pages for Quest Items and Equipment. However, I want to avoid having a page for each and every item (especially for something like the gear sold in NPCs). Instead, there can be a master table on one page.

For example, if there was a Hammer page, there would be a table including data for all hammers. (level, price, stats, etc.)

Pages and Categories for other items (mainly drops) is also something that needs to be considered.


I know that I'm basically talking to myself now (it seems as though the official game forums are very quiet), but I hope that keeping a record of my thought process will be useful to someone in the future.

Now then, there already is a procedure for adding items to the wiki, as seen in the Community Messages found on the Recent Wiki Activity page. I wanted to think anout something different (see Forum:Equipment ), but I know there are some disadvantages to having pages with master tables. So, I will be following the guideline in the Community Messages in case anyone needs to know.

The reason behind all of my craziness is because I wanted to add some quest data the Wiki. I'll admit, I didn't focus on recording dialogue unless it was something important. 

I read a comment made when the page for Timid Muttering Bird was created asking about Bestiary templates. And it looks like there is one! (see Template: Infobox Bestiary ) So I thought I will put this template to use and follow this edit's suggestion.

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