Target: Graduation!
Icon quest
Start Antonia
End Antonia
Level 1
Type Storyline
Money Silver
Items Answer Sheet of Graduation Exam

Based on class:

Beginner's Sword

Beginner's Dagger

Beginner's Staff


  1. Talk to Antonia
  2. Choose Beginner class.
  3. Continue through the dialogue to receive the quest Naughty Slipper Bunny.

Start Text

Now, let's warm up! Did you see the Slipper Bunnies?
… No, No, they're not pets, but a group of trouble-makers. They were abandoned by the graduates, and the academy garden was ruined by them. What you need to do is drive them away.

Knock down four Slipper Bunnies around the academy and return to Candidate Instructor Antonia.

Wait! I forgot, you don't have a weapon, do you?
Well… please listen to the instructions of the director of Geneway College: Leverage your own advantages and make the most of your greatest potential - the induction ceremony of Geneway College, which enables you to grow into who you desire. Please consider it carefully!
Of course, you may come here at any time to replace the Beginner class!

<Beginner Warrior>

Dear Graduates!
The adventurers from the Warrior department are strong and powerful. In the adventure teams, they are usually deemed as defenders and guards by their teammates.
The weapons usually used in the Warrior department are: 1H Sword, 1H Mace, 2H Sword, 2H Axe. The Warriors' advancement professions are Knights and Gladiators. <Decide! Beginner Warrior>
<Consider It Again!>

<Beginner Magician>

Dear Graduates!
The adventurers from the Magician department are comparatively weak, while their spiritual powers are powerful. They usually serve as attackers, controllers and rescuers in the adventure teams.
The weapons usually used in the master department are: Staff, Dagger, 1H Mace. The Magicians' advancement professions are Warlocks and Priests. <Decide! Beginner Magician>
<Consider It Again!>

<Beginner Rogue>

The adventurers from the Rogue department are swift and insightful. They are usually deemed as attackers by their teammates. The weapons often used by Rogues are 1H Sword, Bow, Arrow, Dagger, Glove and 2H Sword. The Rogues' advancement professions are Scout and Artist.