Scattered Manuscript
Icon quest
Start Bulletin Board for Paid Quests
End Makusiro
Level 30
Type Bounty
Exp 8140
SP 275
Money 2900Silver
Items None

Objectives Edit

  1. Obtain quest from the Bulletin Board for Paid Quests in the Bounty Bar
  2. Go to Kamara Highland and collect/find 17 manuscript of health report
  3. Return to Bounty Bar and turn in quest to Bounty Quest Administrator Makusiro

Note: You will receive 1 Hunter's Seal for every Bounty Quest you turn in.

Quest Objective InfoEdit

Collect 17 scattered pages from the Manuscript of Health Report and deliver them to Makusiro in the Bounty Bar.The Capital Bounty Hunter's Liason Patial will take you there.

Quest InfoEdit

The Bounty Guild generally issues Bounty Quests to brave and able Adventurers. Public Health Officer Stan is frustrated over the loss of the recently compiled Manuscript pf Health Report. The manuscript pages were scattered in suburb area and he needs help recollecting them.

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