en Rogue
zh 行者 Rogue
Party Focus Damage Dealer
  • Daggers


Flexible fighting is the key to victory; strength and weapons are only instruments.

Rogues boast extraordinary dodge ability, and will deal deadly strikes on monsters while easily dodging their attacks.

Job Tree

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Beginner Rogue


Active Skills

Icon Name Description
Skill BurstingJab Bursting Jab Stab the nearby target fiercely for three times continuously with a dagger. The damage will increase by 50% if the target is attacked at the back. The damage increases with teh skill level.

Skill StunningBlow Stunning Blow Strike near the the target's critical part fiercely with a weapon, causing him to stun for a set duration.

Skill WindWalk Wind Walk

Appear at the back of the nearby target instantly, causing damage to him and stun him for a duration. The damage and stun effect increase with the skill level.

Skill Mend Mend Restores a certain amount of HP every second for 5 seconds, and remove bleed and poison effects.

Skill IntuitiveDodge Intuitive Dodge A well-trained walker can be as agile as a cat. Increase the character's dodge rate for a set duration after use. The higher the skill level, the higher the dodge that can be improved for a set duration.

Passive Skills

Icon Name Description
Skill Concentration Concentration The walker can be more focused on attacking the target. Increase the character's hit rating permanently.

Skill DaggerMastery Dagger Mastery Increase the physical attack and magic attack when the character is equipped with dagger weapons.