en Priest
zh 牧师 Prist
Party Focus Healer
  • 1-H hammer


As a second class advancement, devoted Magicians can choose to be Priests who possess strong recovery and assist abilities.

Job Tree

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Beginner Magician Priest


Active Skills

Icon Name Description
Skill MagicMissile Magic Missile Cause damage to the remote target with the power of magic.

Skill ArcticBlast Arctic Blast Use the power of ice to cause damage to the remote target and reduce its movement speed.

Skill SpiritualBlast Spiritual Blast Touch attack spell of no attribute that casts instantly. Can't be used for a short duration after five uses in a row.

Skill HolyLight Holy Light Cause light damage to the remote target with Magic Power, and cause continuous damage to him for a set duration.

Skill AngelicRing Angelic Ring Cause damage to all surrounding targets with a certain range with Holy Power.

Skill BlessedRecovery Blessed Recovery Cure the comrade's wound with Holy Power. Increase his HP immediately and improve his effect of being healed for a set duration.

Skill Heal Heal Heal the wounded comrade with Magic Power, restoring the target's HP every second for 5 seconds.

Skill HealingStance Healing Stance A cleric who dedicates his life to clerical work and can give more treatment to comrades. Increases magic attack every time a spell is cast, up to 10 times.

Skill DivineEnchantment Divine Enchantment Grant the Holy Power to comrades, so that their weapons are attached with a holy aura. Increases the targets physical attack.

Skill DivineProtection Divine Protection Protect your comrade with Holy Power. Increase the target's physical defense after use, and reduces the target's damage taken from Shadow Magic.

Passive Skills

Icon Name Description
Skill CasterTraining Caster Training The mage can cast magic more quickly. Increase the character's casting speed permanently.

Skill Introspection Introspection Increase the character's mana limit permanently.

Skill StaffMastery Staff Mastery Increase the physical attack and magic attack permanently when the character is equipped with staff weapons.

Skill 1HMaceMastery 1-H Mace Mastery Increases the physical attack and magic attack when the character is equipped with 1H Mace weapons.