What are the Nations?

When you create a new character, you can pick one of six nations in Luvinia to join. Alternatively, you can choose to allow the game client to pick a nation for you. If you do so, you will get a bonus box.

Each nation belongs to an alliance, either the Empire or the Federation. The nation you choose will be your home for the first 40 levels of your journey, after which you are allowed to explore more and more of Luvinia and even visit other nations.

In-game events periodically allow the invasion of other nations or wars between them.

The Empire

Banner EmpireBorfielt, Roderue and Mentephy formed this alliance to practice their believe in centralism. They believe that centralization of rights endows people with power.

Moon Nation

As a nation reigned by military government, Roderue is the mightiest. Its soldiers pervade the whole nation with an ethos of fortitude.

Wind Nation

Mentephy is an oasis to the desert, a jewel to the ocean. The people of Mentephy realize that only by strengthening their nation can they keep this star of the desert shining forever.

Sea Nation

Though as a similar coastal nation as Snalter, Borfielt follows a different system - they hold extremely powerful navy force. You would usually catch sight of a large merchant fleet setting sail at the guardian of warships.

The Federation

Banner FederationThe three federal nations Snalter, Malander and Pureaen found this alliance to fight against dictatorship. Different from centralism, they inform people of the importance of freedom.

Cloud Nation

The ocean brings Snalter with wealth, talent and democracy. The people of Snalter live an easy and cozy life.

Sky Nation

Malander pursues the political theory that freedom means the flourish of the nation. The people of Malander live freely without centralization and dictatorship.

Star Nation

Absorbing both the advantages of Snalter and Malander, Pureaen grew into a flourishing nation almost in a single night. This powerful nation fills its people with pride and honor.