en Magician
zh 法师 Mystic
Party Focus Damage Dealer
  • Staff


Forget useless swords, magic will give us the most powerful strength.

With magic powers, Magicians can assist the party during adventures. Some Magicians will deal huge damage on monsters while others will increase their party members fighting abilities. However, it is not recommended to approach enemies alone.

Job Tree

ArtistAssassinBardBeginnerBerserkerBishopDark KnightFighterKnightMagicianNecromancerPaladinPriestRogueSageScoutSword DancerSwordsmanWarlockWarriorWatchmanWizardJobTree
Beginner Magician


Active Skills

Icon Name Description
Skill MagicMissile Magic Missile Cause damage to the remote target with the power of magic.

Skill ArcticBlast Arctic Blast Use the power of ice to cause damage to the remote target and reduce its movement speed.

Skill SpiritualBlast Spiritual Blast Touch attack spell of no attribute that casts instantly. Can't be used for a short duration after five uses in a row.

Skill AttackBoost Attack Boost Enhance a comrade's fighting capacity with the magic power, so that his physical attack improves within a set duration.

Skill DefenseBoost Defense Boost Enhance a comrade's defense with the magic power, so that his physical defense improves within a set duration.

Skill Fireball Fireball Use flame to attack the target and cause a great deal of damage.

Passive Skills

Icon Name Description
Skill StaffMastery Staff Mastery Increase the physical attack and magic attack permanently when the character is equipped with staff weapons.

Skill CasterTraining Caster Training The mage can cast magic more quickly. Increase the character's casting speed permanently.

Skill Introspection Introspection Increase the character's mana limit permanently.

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