en Knight
zh 骑士 Knight
Party Focus Tank
  • Shields
  • 1H Sword


Since being honored as a Knight, I have nine virtues deeply blended with my soul.

As a second class advancement a defense-oriented Warrior can choose to become a Knight. Knights boast the highest Defense and have the abilities to use shields. When using shields the extra high parry makes a Knight the mainstay of a party.

The Defenders of the Land, with their swords or hammers in one hand, and a shield in the other, they are ready to serve and protect. The Ideal Tanker and damage soaker.

Job Tree

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Beginner Warrior Knight



Icon Name Description
RelentlessChase Relentless Chase Rush to the remote target quickly. Inflict damage with impact and cause him to stun temporarily. The damage is affected by the character's defense bonus.

Smite Slam the head of the nearby target with your shield, causing damage to him and stun him for a short duration. The damage increases with the skill level. It can be used when a shield is equipped.
Example Challenge Provoke the target, causing him to attack you for a set duration. The period of attack increases with the skill level.
PenetratingBlow Penetrating Blow It can use the weapon to hurt nearby objects by bursting jab there might be the probability to make the object stun. The damage and affiliated effect depend on both the type and level of the weapon.

LuminousStrike Luminous Strike Sweep a half-moon sword breath with efforts, causing damage to the adjacent target and all targets within a certain range. The damage increases with the skill level.

Crushing Blast Strike the target fiercely. Causing him big damage and adding a Strong Blow effect to him. If the target has a Strong Blow effect, he will take extra damage, and the effect period will be counted again. The damage and the subsidiary effect increase with level.
DefenderStance Defender Stance After the stance is started, the character's physical defense will increase every time when he is hit. The effect can stack up to 5 times and last for a set duration.


Icon Name Description
ShieldMastery Shield Mastery Increase the chance of block when the character is equipped with shield armor.
Iron Will The will becomes as strong as steal and is hard to be defeated by enemies. Increase the character's magic defense and block for a set duration, and reduce his dodge.
Impenetrable Defense Improve the character's defense to and ultimate level for a short duration, like a firm garrison that keeps out the enemies' attack. Increase the character's defense significantly for a set duration after use.