While playing the game, you may meet certain conditions that will reward you with gift boxes and packages. Some of these packages will appear automatically in your inventory when you start the game. These gift boxes and packages contain various rewards, including potions, enhancement items and premium items.

Luvie PackageEdit

Icon Item Reward(s)
LuviePackage Luvie Package

Traveler Rio - Mount Level 1 (3 days)

A choice of one 3-day costume.

For females: Qipao, Blue Swimsuit, Blue School Uniform or Purple Lace Dress

For males: Cheongsam, Blue School Uniform, Casual Shorts or Brown Fighter Jacket

Novice Adventure Gift PackagesEdit

The Novice Adventure Gift Packages are gifts for new players. A timer will appear when you start the game that counts down the time until you receive your gift. You cannot receive multiple packages at once, each box has its own timer.

Icon Item Requirement(s) Reward(s)
SmallGiftPackage Small Novice Adventure Gift Package Spend five minutes in-game Secondary Brutality Elixir
Secondary Magic Elixir
MediumGiftPackage Medium Novice Adventure Gift Package Spend ten minutes in-game (after receiving the Small Novice Adventure Gift Package) Expedition Blessing Scroll (2)
LargeGiftPackage Large Novice Adventure Gift Package Spend twenty minutes in-game (after receiving the Medium Novice Adventure Gift Package) Secondary Brutality Elixir
Secondary Magic Elixir
Energy Stone - Grade D (5)
Expedition Blessing Scoll (3)

Graduation BoxEdit

Gift Box of the ChosenEdit

Icon Item Requirement(s) Reward(s)
GiftBoxChosen Gift Box (The Chosen) - Level 10 Reach level 10

Level Gift BoxEdit

Item Requirement(s) Reward(s)
Novice Gift Box None Primary HP Potion (50)
Primary Mana Potion (50)
Beginner Magic Elixir (5)
Lv. 5 Gift Box Reach level 5
Beginner Resilience Mixture (5)

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