Families are Luvinia's guilds.

Creating a Family

To create a family you need to be at least level 10 and have 50 gold coins.

If you meet these requirements, go to a Family Manager and talk to them. After clicking the option Create a Family you will be prompted to Enter a Family Name. Choose wisely, as the name cannot be changed once the family has been created.

As long as the entered name has not already been taken, you will now receive the information that your family creation has been successful and the name you chose will appear above your character's name.

You can now access the League menu.

Joining a Family


Growing your family

To grow your family, e.i. level up the family and purchase upgrades, 2 things are required: Family XP and Family resources. Both of these can be obtained by doing family quests and instance quests.

Find a Family

For a list of all families that exist on the server Stardust go here.

Moon Wind Sea Cloud Sky Star
There are no Moon families at this time. There are no Wind families at this time. Regashi There are no Sky families at this time. Grave Accent