Monsters in the undefined category are missing important information. You can help out by adding the required information. Such as:

  • Level
  • Health
  • Location
  • Race such as beast, humanoid, etc.
  • Proper linking using the double left square/right square brackets
  • Drops and drop rate(see below)
  • Image/screenshot if the current one is missing or is below the quality standards

Drop RatesEdit

To get the average drop rate please do the following:

  1. empty your inventory and money into the bank
  2. take note of all items you could not put away
  3. take a screenshot of your current equipment
  4. go kill at least 100 of the same mob in one row
  5. pick up all drops, for Blessings please write them down
  6. when you are done with the 100 kills check if you auto-equipped something, if yes: un-equip
  7. write down every drop you got, if you went with 100 mobs each drop represents 1% drop rate

If you do this with more than 100 mobs please make sure to double check that you got the percentage right.

Should two people count for the same mob and have different results, please combine them, e.g. 15~20%.

Should a third person have a different results too, please count all three results together and get the average.

Spiel 17:21, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

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