Bursting Jab
Skill BurstingJab
Type Attack
Usable by  

This is the most basic skill of a Beginner if you choose to become a Rogue. You'll get it at level 1 after choosing your to-become class.


Stab the nearby target fiercely for three times continuously with a dagger. The damage will increase by 50% if the target is attacked at the back. The damage increases with teh skill level.

Used by Beginner

Skill Level Class Level Cost Cooldown Duration Upgrade Cost
1 1 3 MP 4 sec Instant --
2 2 5 MP 4 sec Instant 100 SP
3 4 7 MP 4 sec Instant 350 SP
4 6 10 MP 4 sec Instant 700 SP
5 8 12 MP 4 sec Instant 1200 SP

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