Blessings are spheres that randomly drop from monsters. They activate their powers the moment you pick them up, so if you know you'll stay in the same spot for a while it is sometimes advisable to save them for later.

Blessing of Life


Like the caress of the Light Goddess, the power of life is reliving through your body.

A Blessing of Life is a red sphere that replenishes some of your health points.

Mana Blessing


Like the whispers of the Nature's Spirit, the magic of the moon is jumping among your fingers.

A Mana Blessing is a blue sphere that replenishes some of your magic points.

Blessing of War



A Blessing of War is a two minute buff that increases your _____ by _____.

Hasty blessing



A Hasty Blessing is a ___ minute buff that increases your movement speed by 50.

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