en Berserker
zh 狂战士 Berserker
Party Focus Damage Dealer
  • ???


Some Fighters try to suppress the rage that builds inside them in battle, but the Berserker class chooses to instead feed upon that energy to help unleash devastation upon their foes. With this dedication to his rage, the Berserker gains an Empowering Rage that increases the critical damage that he does, as well as a new stance that increases his chance for critical strikes as he bears the wounds of battle. They also gain a variety of skills that increase his attack power, as well as delivering damage to multiple targets.

Hell hath no fury like a Berserker scorned.

Job Tree

ArtistAssassinBardBeginnerBerserkerBishopDark KnightFighterKnightMagicianNecromancerPaladinPriestRogueSageScoutSword DancerSwordsmanWarlockWarriorWatchmanWizardJobTree
Beginner Warrior Fighter Berserker


Icon Name Description
Example  ???  ???
Example  ???  ???
Example  ???  ???

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