en Beginner
zh 初心者 Novice
Party Focus none
  • Daggers
  • Staff
  • 1-H Sword

(depends on job choice)


Thousands of roads ahead are calling me to start an adventurous journey.

Your starting class designed to expand your knowledge of the Luvinia world and help decide on which fate to choose.

Will you become a Warrior, a Rogue or Magician?

Job Tree

ArtistAssassinBardBeginnerBerserkerBishopDark KnightFighterKnightMagicianNecromancerPaladinPriestRogueSageScoutSword DancerSwordsmanWarlockWarriorWatchmanWizardJobTree


Class to be Icon Name Description
Magician Skill MagicMissile Magic Missile Cause damage to the remote target with the power of magic.

Skill ArcticBlast Arctic Blast Use the power of ice to cause damage to the remote target and reduce its movement speed.

Rogue Skill BurstingJab Bursting Jab Stab the nearby target fiercely for three times continuously with a dagger. The damage will increase by 50% if the target is attacked at the back. The damage increases with teh skill level.

Skill IntuitiveDodge Intuitive Dodge A well-trained walker can be as agile as a cat. Increase the character's dodge rate for a set duration after use. The higher the skill level, the higher the dodge that can be improved for a set duration.

Warrior Skill FierceBlow Fierce Blow Use a weapon to attack the nearby target fiercely. The damage increases with the skill level.

Skill WarriorsSoul Warrior’s Soul

A well-trained warrior can improve his fighting capacity for a set duration. Improve the character's physical defense and physical attack for a set duration after use. The effect increases with skill level.

Starting Stats

HP MP Strength Celerity Durab Intellect Wisdom Spirit Phys. Def Magic Def
54 120 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 1