Badges are Luvinia Online's version of titles.

Three Badges can be equipped at a time, giving you various different statistic increases, ranging from more Intellect, Luck or other basic statistics to increased physical and magic attack and resistances.

Badges are earned by completing quests, and by doing things that the game deems an "achievement". For example, the Brave badge is earned by killing a rare Boss Monster over a certain level.

Quest BadgesEdit

Beheaded If you paint on your body once when you kill one monster,
you should be a zebra now.
3 minimum physical attack
5 maximum physical attack
4 magic attack
Mailman of Passion
Example You send love letters to many girls, but they are not

written by you.

+5 magical critical strike  ???
Squirrel's Best Friend
Squirrel's Best Friend The squirrels will never understand why humans who

slaughter people for a ring become so kind quickly.

+5 Wisdom  ???
An Eye For An Eye
An Eye For An Eye An eye for an eye.
+5 Agility  ???
Overseer Free!
Overseer Free! Goblin Mineworkers are happy as no supervisor keeps

chattering nearby.

+5 Spirit  ???
Smile of An Angel
Smile of An Angel In that moment, you feel that the smile it the best

reward you've ever got.

+5 Intelligence  ???
In With Lady Luck
In With Lady Luck See, someone can get this badge. This proves that this

quest has no BUG...

Luck 1

+5 Agility

Baby Ants Bully
Baby Ants Bully All the ordinary people have the responsibility to

eliminate ants, so some of them start from Young Ants.

+5 damage to insect monsters  ???
Magic Ale Belly
Magic Ale Belly "If you eat an ale fruit, you'll have an ale belly."-- Nursery Rhyme of Dawn Town. You'll never understand its meaning as you've grown up.
+5 Stamina  ???
Hameln Piper
Hameln Piper You've Never hear of the small city Hameln, but townsmen insist on calling you in this way as you eliminated the plague of rats in the town.
+5 Dodge Ability  ???
Guardian of Dawn Town
Guardian of Dawn Town The Dawn Town has successfully solved the crisis brought by huge insects under your help. Now you are the hero of the town.
20 physical defence

5 magic defence

The Graduate
The Graduate You graduated from the Geneway College successfully and started from Carandal to begin your adventure.
1 minimum physical attack

2 maximum physical attack 2 magic attack


Activity BadgesEdit

Brave You beat down a famous monster, but someone said that
you were only lucky enough to bump into it.
+5 Stamina Kill a rare Boss Monster.
Bloody Butcher
Example Only Audrey knows how evil your mind is.
You like to kill every creature that looks like a human, and you enjoy it.
+2 damage to humanoids Kill ??? humanoid creatures.