A list of low level monsters ranging from level 1 through 10.

Note: Locations are approximate. If you go to the locations given, you will find the monsters listed, and also in areas nearby these locations.

Name Level HP Location
Slipper Bunny 1 34 Geneway College
Little Squirrel 2 44 Geneway College
Grey Bat 2 44 Trial Cave (Geneway College)
Night Civet 3 54 Trial Cave (Geneway College)
Red Bat 4 54 Trial Cave (Geneway College)
Evil Crimson Wing Ghost 5 159 Trial Cave (Geneway College)
Little Crab 5 76 Janas Lake (Geneway College)
Bubble 6 76 Janas Lake (Geneway College)
Pearl Fish 7 89 Janas Lake (Geneway College)
Flying Besom 8 89 Geneway College
Phantom Worm 8 89 Space Fairyland (Geneway College)
Phantom Maid 9 110 Space Fairyland (Geneway College)
Phantom Butler 10 145 Space Fairyland (Geneway College)
Timid Muttering Bird 10 276 Geneway College
Playful Zippie 10 153 Geneway College
Wimpy Wildcat 10 153 Dawn Town - 331, 278

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